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Can des Bosc is a small property in the centre of the island where the carob is grown and with it is made a delicious syrup that can be used as sweetener for a wide variety of dishes.

The carob tree has been, for centuries, a typical tree in the Ibizan landscape. The carob, besides of a basic element in the diet of the animals, in times of scarce harvests and in the postwar years, it was consumed by people given its high nourishing and energy-giving power.

Nowadays, when lots of trees are about to be cut down due to the falling of the price of the carob, several studies are defending its enormous nourishing properties given by the high content in minerals, tannins and vitamin B.

The unique features of the carob, his affordable price and the high number of possibilities of using it have catch the attention of cookers, confectioners, gourmets and consumers. In fact, in Ibiza took place a conference to discuss its possible applications and revitalize its image towards the consumer.Conference about the trend of the carob

Over recent years, Can des Bosc grows the carob following the standards of permaculture, what means that not only has the product extraordinary nourishing properties but also prevents the earth from being worn away as a cause of its exploitation. The sowing, growing and harvesting is planned with an absolute respect for the environment that surrounds it and the elaboration of the syrup is completely hand made.


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