L'Ou is a project born in the Ibiza island and inspired before anything by how fond we are of this land and of the products it offers.

Ibiza is, with no doubt, a world icon in so many levels and for several reasons. Night discotheque Ibiza parties are a myth, and so are their beaches and sunsets from its western coast.

But Ibiza is extraordinary rich in high quality raw materials too: marine salt from the Ses Salines Nature Reserve, vegetables and fruit trees grown in little family-managed farms and plantations (some of them already organic), aromatic plants with a high concentration in active ingredients, fishes with all the Mediterranean sea nutrients, animals grown in environment-respectful farms, ... Ibiza has, besides, its own history and culture influenced by ancient civilizations like the Phoenician, Punic and Carthaginian, a characteristic folklore (like Ball Pagès), a rich gastronomic tradition with extraordinary dishes, a singular traditional architecture result of the mixture of Arabic and Christian influences and the needs of each period, high talented artisan workers (leather, ceramic, costume jewellery, basket-making, ...) and, specially, a great creativity stimulated by its marvellous environment.

L'Ou has searched for products made or inspired by this island, products that respect the environment and that promote the local economy, because we are proud of our land and of the people living here and we want you to discover it if you haven't yet or to remember it if you already have.

L'Ou carefully selects each one of this products and buy them directly to its producers so it can serve you home a little piece of Ibiza, with its flavours, textures, aromas and images so you enjoy it yourself or as a gift for someone special.

We personally know all of them who elaborate our products and its manufacture processes and we want you to be able of knowing them if you are interested, for this reason we will write in our blog, www.elrovell.com, a series of interviews and articles so you can know were each product comes from and what is its story.

L'Ou looks for it, tastes it and selects it for you, you just choose.