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Ibiza Soap Co. is a 100% Ibiza based company, dedicated to the hand production of natural soaps made from the wild resources offered by our island. They make their soaps by hand. Each one of this soap bars has been cut, stamped and packaged by hand, one by one with the care and affection only an artisan can give to its products.


As basic raw material, Ibiza Soap Co. uses olive oil produced in Ibiza with local olive, made with the traditional process of cold pressing. This rich, natural oil provides the soap with moisturizing and nourishing properties, suitable for all skin types. Along with olive oil, their soaps contain various high quality vegetable oils, in which have been macerated wild medicinal plants of Ibiza collected and dried by themselves. These oils greatly enrich the qualities of soap.

To all this join the medicinal and aromatic properties of the essential oils, carefully selected and combined to exceptionally enhance the soap.

They use cold saponification, a process which ensures that the ingredients do not degrade nor lose is properties as a consequence of a high temperature exposition.

Their soaps do not contain petroleum derived products, what makes them specially suitable for damaged or sensitive skins, or simply for those looking for a skin free of synthetics.

The glycerin this soap contains has hydrophilic properties, what allows it to absorb humidity, making it therefore softer than synthetic soaps. For a correct preservation of these soaps, it is recommended to keep them in a dry place and away from the light. When the soap is being used, keep it in a soap dish so that it does not retain water and keeps it dry. In this way you will prolong the use of each of the Soaps of Ibiza Soap Co.


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