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From L'Ou we have initiated a line of products created by ourselves with the help of local suppliers that allow us to make our ideas real.

L'Ou wants to bring to your house his personal collection, designed and developed from Ibiza. Each one of the items of L'Ou is gestated from our experiences at the island, and specially from the love and the energy that inspires its landscape, people, culture, tradition and its extraordinary capacity for innovation.

Ibiza is a beautiful place, inhabited by people from all over the world who leave its own bit in it, as it has been happening for centuries. Our products are born here, and have materialized through the people we have met while creating this project.

At the moment, we offer shirts and cloth bags with the image of a fig tree, which is a typical tree of our countryside, and a calendar with photographs of beautiful landscapes of the island made by an Ibizan photographer, but there are already other ideas in the oven and soon we will introduce new products.

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item