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  • Angela Martí

    Angela Martí is an artisan who works the leather, making high quality handbags with a modern, elegant and functional design.

    She has also designed a serial of jewellery and amulets inspired in the Phoenician and Punic past of Ibiza. 

  • Can des Bosc

    Can des Bosc is a small property in the centre of the island where the carob is grown and with it is made a delicious syrup that can be used as sweetener for a wide variety of dishes.

  • Can Mala Costa

    The people in Can Malacosta elaborate, completely by hand, marmalade with products from their own corps placed in San Carlos in the north of Ibiza.

  • Can Miquel Guasch

    The "Can Miquel Guasch oil mill" may be found in the centre of Ibiza, surrounded by olive trees and other traditional crops. This oil mill first opened in 2010, and in a few years, their oils have conquered the customers palatate.

  • Can Rich

    In the Can Rich Cellar in Buscastell elaborate a delicious version of the Hierbas Ibicencas, following the traditional recipe of their ancestors.

  • Fluxà

    The Ibizan company Fluxà (Destilerías Ibiza S.L.) is a newly established company, but with a large familiar tradition in the elaboration of liqueurs and condiments. They prepare simple and intense-flavoured products which instantly bring to our minds the essences of the land and the waters of Ibiza.

  • Granja Santa Gertrudis

    The Granja de Santa Gertrudis is dedicated to the handcrafted manufacture of products derived from cow's milk.

  • Ibiza Soap Co.

    Ibiza Soap Co. is a 100% Ibiza based company, dedicated to the hand production of natural soaps made from the wild resources offered by our island. They make their soaps by hand. Each one of this soap bars has been cut, stamped and packaged by hand, one by one with the care and affection only an artisan can give to its products.


  • Ibiza y Formentera Agua de mar

    Ibiza y Formentera Agua de Mar S.L. is a family business of Ibiza created to bring to your table the recognition of a tradition, the good work of seafarers and the respect for the Mediterranean cuisine.

  • Magic Mountain

    Magic Mountain uses his embroidery and silk screen printing workshop to personalize the typical Ibizan basket with carefully selected fabric.

  • Productes de L'Ou

    From L'Ou we have initiated a line of products created by ourselves with the help of local suppliers that allow us to make our ideas real.

  • Sal de Ibiza

    SAL DE IBIZA is a line of excellent products of table salt, made with 100% natural high-quality salt. SAL de IBIZA it is collected solely in the Natural Reserve of the “Parc Natural de Ses Salines d’Eivissa” It does not contain additives nor preservatives and has not been subjected to any refining. Simply sun dried and ground into centuries-stones, our SAL DE IBIZA contains more than 80 minerals and trace elements vital for our body.   

  • Totem wines

    The philosophy of Totem Wines is the one of creating balanced and elegant wines, derived from unique places, fusing rare and native grapes with expert knowledge, specialized techniques and the passion for the wine-making.

Showing 1 - 17 of 17 items