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Magic Mountain uses his embroidery and silk screen printing workshop to personalize the typical Ibizan basket with carefully selected fabric.

Magic Mountain is a little family owned business, to which her creator got for the confluence of several technical, artistic and life circumstances.

As she herself says, Ibizan by birth and friendship, and foreigner by genetics, she came to the World at the time of the hippie explosion in Ibiza, when everyone and everything lived here together in a delicate harmony that generated an exceptionally creative and fertile environment in so many levels. This opened and cosmopolitan environment in his childhood, together with the Ibizan landscape and the customs and traditions of her neighbours, originated the fertilized field in which the creative interests germinated. Interests that, years later, after studying design in Denmark and the creation of an embroidery and silk screen printing company, converged in the creation of Magic Mountain.

The Magic Mountain "Senallons" (Ibizan basket) are Ibiza and are something else too. It is the inspiration, the touch and the technique what makes each one of her baskets a special, unique article. 


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