La casa eivissenca (Rolf Blakstad)


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La casa eivissenca” is an exhaustive study of the traditional architecture of Ibiza, written by Rolf Blakstad and edited in Catalan by José J. de Olañeta in 2013.

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This book collects the complete and detailed study that Rolf Blakstad, a Canadian who landed on the island in the 50s, carried out throughout all his life in Ibiza. He himself explains the fascination he felt since its arrival, for the island and its inhabitants, but specially for its traditional architecture. Blakstad found in the Ibizan countryside, simple constructions made with the materials that could be found in the land around them, sustainable, organic and beautiful.  

La casa eivissenca” is the result of his observation and his work, a complete catalogue of the typical houses that still today remain, its features, distribution and history.

This book contains a wealth of technical and documentary information, but also contains the admiration of the author for an architecture that he considered particularly well adapted to its inhabitants and their environment.


La casa ibicenca is one of the deepest and most comprehensive studies ever written about the traditional Ibizan architecture. Rolph Blakstad has studied exhaustively this architecture in all its aspects: forms, materials, construction techniques, household items, etc. The author conducts a comparative historical and typological study with the architecture of the Near East, where he discovers deep analogies with the Ibizan architecture. Through the study of forms and construction elements, Blakstad concludes that the traditional Ibizan architecture -example of the architecture of the "arid areas" of the planet- has a Phoenician origin, with roots in Egypt and Mesopotamia and parallel throughout the Mediterranean basin. The ground plans of the houses, the empiric measurement systems, the construction methods and the forms alphabet are object of the attention of Blakstad, who completes his book with an interesting chapter on the mythic roots and the symbolism of the different elements of the Ibizan architecture. This study, profusely illustrated with photographs, plans and drawings of high artistic quality, is today an almost legendary book on the artistic and architectural heritage of the island of Ibiza, heritage that has fascinated many artists and architects and generally to all the people with sensitivity for the beauty of these functional and effective constructive forms which are at the same time deeply and harmoniously integrated into its natural environment.


Rolph Blakstad (1929-2012) was born in Vancouver (Canada). After graduating in Fine Arts at the University of British Columbia, he studied art in Europe and work for years for the Canadian television and as a designer for theatre and opera, as well as a documentary producer. In 1956 he discovered Ibiza and decided to stay. Upon retiring from cinema, he opted to devote himself exclusively to architecture and design and paid special attention to the study of the Ibizan architecture, which, when he met it, had not yet received any external influence, and that captivated him. In his personal architectural practice, Blakstad is deeply inspired by the traditional Ibizan architecture, has drunk from its spirit, deeply rooted in the earth and the landscape, and has let it know internationally.

ISBN: 9788497168526

Language: Catalan


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La casa eivissenca (Rolf Blakstad)

La casa eivissenca (Rolf Blakstad)

La casa eivissenca” is an exhaustive study of the traditional architecture of Ibiza, written by Rolf Blakstad and edited in Catalan by José J. de Olañeta in 2013.